Somerset ASA Age Groups and Championships

February 6th 2017

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Apologies to anyone waiting for orders, I have been having a little bit of a nightmare with the way the site handles email, it used to work fine and then it didn't.... I have now changed the entire mail system and hopefully things will start working a bit better. I'll get on and process the outstanding orders now and then.... I may even get the relays loaded from the Somerset Counties.


February 6th 2017

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February 6th 2017

Shots from the 2017 Somerset ASA Champs are slowly making there on to the site, keep checking back here and you should see more going up every day.

I am a bit behind with the loading but hope to be up to date with all sessions and presentations before the weekend.


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January 23rd 2017

Had a very relaxed afternoon at the First session of the Somerset ASA Age Groups and Championships, all shots of the Boys 1500 free and the Girls 800 free are now online, just follow the gallery link from the menu or click the links below :-

Boys 1500 free

Girls 800 free

I am putting the presentation shots on Facebook at the moment, this may change but please share, tag and like : Presentation gallery on Facebook. It was pretty dark by the time I took the girls shots so they are a bit grainy.

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November 24th 2016

Aquae Sulis Autumn level 2 Open - All shots now loaded, some great photos from this meet, as always, the images will be mucked about with to present them a lot better than what you see in the gallery after they are purchased, they will be colour corrected, cropped and not wonky! :-

Aquae Sulis Autumn level 2 Open

Many thanks to all the organisers of this meet and to all the officials who did a fantastic job as always, my apologies to any official that I may have collided with as I stumbled around the pool ;)

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November 18th 2016

Aquae Sulis Autumn level 2 Open shots arriving now... Girls 800 free and boys 1500 free loaded :-

Aquae Sulis Autumn level 2 Open

All shots now loaded from the Aquae Sulis Summer Splash Open. As always, the shots you see on the site are just quick edits so I can get them loaded as soon after the event as possible, the final images will be properly edited and corrected for colour balance, composition and not "wonky"...

As you scroll down the page within a gallery then the next page will load automatically but there is sometimes a pause, you should see some little squares at the bottom of each page start to flash a bit as the next page loads...



I had a great time at the meet, everyone was so friendly and it was so relaxed compared to Regionals, thanks to everyone for the great feedback on shots they had bought from previous meets, it's always good to know that I am doing something right!

All SWASA Age Groups are now online, some really nice shots, enjoy! Light was really odd in the Millfield pool so if the shots have a bit of a strange colour caste then please don't worry, I will correct this in the final images once purchased.

All the medal presentation shots are now available here : Free Gallery or just use the "Free Galleries" link on the menu. I am not the best photographer when it comes to posed shots, I'm only really good at shooting things that move but I did my best... I tried to take a candid/close up shot of each medalist and then a formal shot of them together on the podiums, I am restricted by time as I don't want to hold up the event so it didn't always go to plan but generally was OK. These shots are all free, just click on the download link below the photo and don't forget to go and buy some action shots whilst you are here, please ;)

14 and under Boys

14 and under Girls

If you like what you see then please spread the word around your clubs, there are some pretty amazing shots on here and it would be a real shame if the families, friends and swimmers didn't even get to see them.

SWASA Summer Champs 15+ is now all online, sorry for the delay, I have changed the order of the events to be alphabetical and added a higher level category for Mens and Womens so you should be able to find what you are looking for a bit more easily. Any problems then please get in touch.

Lighting was a bit tricky in the Plymouth pool which is why most shots were taken from the opposite side to the spectator seating so not many photos of lanes 5 - 9 but I did my best to find angles where possible to get as many shots as I could.

SWASA Regional Champs 2016 - age 15 and over

Welcome to iwantoneofme.com, I'm glad you found us... This is a new version of an old site so there's not a lot here yet. However, over the next few weeks, months and years it will start to fill up with lots of shots of young (and not so young) athletes and sportspeople doing their thing and competing at the pinnacle of their careers.

I'm not here to just shoot the elite athletes but to capture the unique moments in time when the budding stars of the future and the weekend warriors are doing what makes them happy and lighting up the faces of their adoring families.

The site is very simple to work, just follow the "galleries" link in the menu and it will all become clear. The images are all provided as high resolution digital downloads which you are free to use however you wish, you will be sent a link to the photos you have purchased within 24 hours.

The shots you see when browsing the site are normally just quick edits as I like to get them up on the site as soon as possible after the events, the downloads you receive will be cleaned up, colour corrected and composed to make the most of the subject and this takes a bit of time.

I like to keep things simple so there is no complex registration, I just need a name and an email address and then you are taken off to PAYPAL to make your payment, I use PAYPAL as it is easy, secure and reliable. You don't need to have a PAYPAL account as you can just use your normal credit/debit card via PAYPAL.

I hope you enjoy the images and I look forward to seeing you again at another event some time soon.